Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Journey Into Kindle Publishing

Here's A Little Story About A Man And His Plan

Welcome!  Inspired by people like Sean Platt, David Wright, Johnny B. Truant and others, I'm going to document my journey of trying to get words out into the world.  

In 2015 I'm launching a series of collections of short stories on Kindle publishing.  Some are old, some are new, but they'll all have one thing in common - observations of our world.  

I plan on listing how I go about publishing, the types of responses I get, how I drive traffic to the stories and if those tactics, strategies and plans are effective.  

Stay tuned for weekly updates, stories and ideas that I'll be pitching.  Some will be about the actual facet of story telling, some will be about the marketing around those stories, and all of them will be about the journey.  

Right now, I'm working on a collection of older short stories and plan on having them in the Kindle store shortly.  When I release them, I'll be sure to include the update here!

Have you any stories you'd like to see written, published and marketed?  Have you done something already? 

Leave suggestions on story ideas, or how to market them, as a comment! 

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