Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Cuckoo Bird and The Turtle

The Delusions We Believe

Just because we believe something, doesn't make it true.

Just because we feel, doesn't mean it matters.

That's one of the biggest issues we face today. There are too many ways to get an opinion or feeling out to an audience that thinks that because we have a bigger megaphone, our views are correct. Not true.

Just because you can self publish your own book, doesn't mean that A) you should, and B) it's a worthwhile subject.

The question we have to ask ourselves then, is there proof for what I think and feel, that it may matter to someone else?

Because if we feel something, but we're in the minority, is it valid?

If we examine it from a minority versus majority perspective, then yes. There's validity in being the outspoken voice. The creaky gear gets the grease as they say.

But if we are in such a minority as to be unreal, well then, we're just cuckoo.

The turtle knows the trajectory is a long slog. It's not about broadcasting every hour with what is, and what isn't, popular.

It's about researching, and testing, what's important to your point of view.

What path do you choose moving forward? Do you self publish your own book without testing ideas, or do you publish only after extensive planning?

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